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London Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund.

What is Equine Involvement Therapy?

Horses are remarkable creatures they teach us, not only about ourselves as we are right now, but also how to access different, freer and more functioning aspects of ourselves.

For over ten years Hopethruhorses has seen a steady stream of people, the old and the young, come through our gates.

People who feel lost and are searching for answers and those who are stuck, fearful and hopeless both emotionally and psychologically.

L.O.V.E Project Ltd

L.O.V.E. cares about people.
L.O.V.E. cares about the environment.
L.O.V.E. cares enough to make a difference.

B’lkaar Singh has joined ‘Cultivate Oxford’, a social cooperative which seeks to make locally sourced food available to the people of Oxfordshire. Cultivate sources seasonal and ethical fruit & veg, apple juice, honey and eggs from local farms and delivers around Oxford in their customised ‘veg van’.








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