Method to payoff an Enagic unit when you follow the steps of the companies who arvi e willing to pay compensation for advertising and promote our business affiliates and collaborators.

To whoever invests, they will need a return on the investment.

We are working in collaboration with the clients below to provide services that allow investors to engage in a clear business model,where job opportunities can be created from incorporating our communities with a means of opportunity to develop their niche.

Incorporating a business into a commercial and charitable organization, where possible.

Building the business plan and the details of the development, we have our own experienced business markets and open collaboration with the clients that are in tune with our vision.

Add to your business plan at Jones and Co Finance.

Traffic wave buster matrix program

Factor in 12 x $17.95 for the first years subscription = $216 =£168.

Your Matrix Buster page:


Driving Traffic To Your Business

If you follow the rules, by the time our associates grow you to ten levels deep in the matrix.

Your residual income.= $88,000 every month ( Trafficwave paid out on time for 18 years every month to its members).

Enagic – Kangen

Platform38 Enterprise

Add to your business plan depending on your project.

The SD501 or the K8 machine.

The Enagic matrix buster program pays a handsome matrix buster commission from each sale as a distributor, as it takes your climb up the ladder to 6A -3 and a residual income in the region of $40k monthly.

Watch this 13 minutes video.

Hope it helps to understand the compensation plan building a generational business.

We thank Team USA for the explanation to our potential Platform 38 Prospects.

Your distributor ID is the first step to generating the commissions, and entry to Enagic compensation plan.

How do we track our referrals and provide information?

Click funnels Platform38

Platform 38 Automated Clickfunnels Websites.

Clickfunnels also pay a handsome residual income in commission for growing their business.

As a software tool, this advertises your business, attracts more prospects, and turns them into customers that stay.

Qualified in the odds of higher retention.

Two packages to consider.

Standard Clickfunnels Package.@

$97 per month  

GoCardless Payment For Building


/ $343 to build

Equals $1164 plus $343 = $1507

Ninety-nine funnels.

Premier Clickfunnels Package.

$297 per month

GoCardless Payment For Building


/$643 to build

Equals $3564 plus $643 =$4207

Nine thousand and ninety- nine funnels.

Your first year covered and being paid off with the commissions generated by the matrix programs.

The above outline shows the cost of having a Clickfunnels built for you.

Add either of the Clickfunnels to your business plan.

As we build with more clients joining

The matrix programs will pay off the debts of the loan and enable you to grow your business model.

Add Lead Lightning.

Another leads generation software tool to capture more retention of qualified prospects.

Here are the five must-have clinchers. 

Jones & Co-finance Simplifying Your Business Loan

Sign up today to the Platform38 way!

lIn all five programs, there are training tools for online workshops.

Clickfunnels  Automates Your Business

Simplifying Your Prospect List.

Click funnels Platform38

Platform 38 Automated Clickfunnels Websites.

The only autoresponder that never in 18 years asks you to pay more for being successful.

Here is the link to the 30 days free trial

Lead Lightning.

“Lead Lightning and Your Primary Business”

Grow your primary business by sharing the good news to other potential business prospects that have concerns about how to get customers.

This model allows the interested prospect to promote their own primary business.

Here is the link to join Lead Lightning.

“Lead Lightning and Your Primary Business”

Add to your business plan the Enagic model of your choice to the Jones & Co business loan.

Enagic matrix distributor compensation plan will buy a machine that suits your needs.

Platform38 are committed to providing proof of the potential to generate the income stated with the official disclaimers incorporated by each recommended company in the package.

Having seen the compensation video

An existing Enagic distributor will be assigned to assist in the growth of your matrix by

One of the websites that display information regarding your choices of Enagic – Kangen units.

The video format is available to help you to understand why, when you are ready to calculate, how much is spent by one person over a period of one week,one month, one year on bottled water.

Times your figures to calculate a family of four.

Last comment is to answer a leading question on how can a low income family get started?

£3.60 per week or £14.30 per month to join our trafficwave matrix buster program.

Start somewhere within our opportunities to grow your niche.

Change Your Water – Change Your Life.


Take another look at the website

and see how we are collaborating with our communities and corporate services to promote our Platform38 income from advertising sources that generate income for you.

Speak with our finance team and accountant on how to add to your business loans plan.


Platform 38 Accountant

Selemune Gash

07960 611699

Flavia@Jones & Co

01473 553430


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