Product Order Form Kangen Enagic Units 

Getting started:

Have a structure in place that when your interest is placed in the purchase of any of our Enagic Kangen Units,an affiliation to Platform38 must first be established through one of our directory memberships.

We recommend that for your purchase to be considered,a means of ownership by payment, can through a portal of advertising platforms that are available to register for,yours and our businesses to grow.

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The LikesXL link found on our Platform38 website is Mark Singh’s referral link can help pay off the cost of the kangen unit.


Watch the Kangen Demo Video 

By participating in the reviewing of advertising companies business links,with no obligation to purchase from their link,get paid for viewing 20 per day consistently.

Buy packs that pay towards generating a residual income

Please note part of our agreement is that the and Mark’s Referral link is the only acceptable allowed to operate on

To avoid future conflict of interest by other parties.

For All Future Purchasers Of A Kangen – Enagic Unit

The next step is to complete the paperwork for at the least one Enagic Kangen unit.

To install into a residence of your choice and start experiencing the benefits.

For further information on the subject of alkaline and health awareness 

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The whole Family can share the results and testimonies which will go a long way in promoting the vision of our business in making the units affordable for everyone to experience alkaline


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