FCA In Child Abuse Litigation
7 JAN 2018 — *Press Release* Newswire @ Scambuster TV

In the wake of the sacking of Deputy Prime Minister Damien Green, for dishonesty and sexual misconduct, Andrew Bailey, the FCA chief, has commenced legal proceedings, in allegations against a Child Abuse Gang, where he is implicated.

A lifelong FCA member, Anthony Badaloo has been in proceedings, for the last four years, where he, his tenants and family members, have been battling against a gang, who are stealing properties, belongings, and abusing the victims including little children.

The gang members all claim to be in possession of authentic Court Proceedings, which none of them can produce to date.
The purported Court proceedings include Orders of possession, Orders of Eviction, and Orders of Conviction, widely published in the media, and even mentioned in Court.

Andrew Bailey, and the rest of the Gang Members, have been asked to produce the items, on which they claim to justify the Human Rights Crimes, but in typical Gangsta style, they answer no questions, being too big to jail.

The case is well documented, on a petition to the Prime Minister, titled Stop Court Order Scams – ScamBuster.TV .
It claims, that millions of Homes, Savings, Businesses, Cars and Children are stolen and abused, by a gang of powerful criminals, drawing wages from the public purse, and using the illusion of Court Proceedings, as a justification.

Mr Badaloo and his team have assisted many victims to gain restoration, and is working tirelessly towards a PPI type outcome, as the crimes are easy to prove.

To date, despite launching legal threats, strangely, Andrew Bailey and the gang members, have avoided the police.

Mr Badaloo and the victims have made reports to the police, under Crime Number 242528 1/4 and others, and the matter has been escalated to the Secretary of state for Justice David Lidington, who is investigating Serious Corruption and Organised Crime. Enquiries SacmBuster.TV

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