A  Water and the Brain

Thinking! Thinking! Thinking!

Be mindful. Trust your Brain.

But what is the makeup of the human brain? Many are surprised to hear that the brain is about 85% water and the body about 70%. While the brain is about 1/50th of the weight of the body, it requires 1/20th of the blood supply.

It is said that brain cells need two times more energy than other cells in the body because the brain is comprised mostly of water.

And water transports nutrients to the brain and eliminates toxins.

Therefore, you can only imagine the problems when a person is suffering from dehydration.

Since the brain can’t store water, and adults lose more than 10 cups of water everyday (through breathing perspiring and eliminating wastes) it is paramount to good brain functioning that there is sufficient daily water supplied to the brain.

Balance is the key. A daily routine which includes good nutrition, exercise, stimulating activity and plenty of good quality, healthy water—all of these contribute to maintaining a healthy life style and in keeping an active brain.


Your Brain, Nerve Transmissions, Coordination and Concentration

It can’t be overemphasized as to how important it is to provide good hydration to the brain. Even low levels of dehydration can interfere with nerve transmission and have a negative effect on normal brain function. And your coordination and concentration can be affected as well. Particularly, as we age, it is vital to maintain an adequate level of healthy water.

Even if a person is just 1% dehydrated, there is a 5% decrease in cognitive function. And if there is only a 2% drop in body water, this can initiate fuzzy, short term memory and influence focusing power. Some studies reveal that if there is extended dehydration of the brain that the cells start to shrink.

The Kangen Water Solution

Kangen Water® is so readily absorbed into the cells and into the brain very quickly because of its micro-clustered cellular structure, which is much smaller than ordinary tap water, producing almost instant energy.

Therefore, Kangen Water® has been successfully introduced into therapy programs for individuals who suffer from various brain injuries and inflammatory situations.

The Kangen Water®, then, hydrates the body with alkaline, ionized, and micro-clustered water which is capable of reducing acidity and dehydration almost instantly.

Kangen Water® also provides a powerful source of antioxidants.

What about substituting other liquids to reach the desired level of hydration?

Quenching thirst with drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, sports drinks and alcohol will not really satisfy the requirements for hydration.

Even if some of these drinks may have some minerals and amino acids, there is a large amount of sugar which causes your glucose level to surge. And then there is the problem that coffee, for example, actually dehydrates the body.

So think about it before you supply liquids to your body which have negative rather than positive effects on the brain and the body.

What about the comparison to regular tap water?

It is known that much tap water contains contaminants and chlorine. Because of these problems, many people have selected an alternative method through bottled water.

Now, about the bottled waters. It has been shown that many of these bottled waters are really tap water in a bottle, and studies also reveal unacceptable levels of contamination in many of the brands.

Additionally, many of these bottled waters are also acidic and supply no antioxidant effects.

Therefore, the substitution of other liquids does not really solve the dehydration problem, and a large percent of the unregulated and unfiltered tap waters present new problems, as do the bottled waters.

In summary, think about the quality of the water which you want for supplying energy to your brain and your body.

We might go so far as to say that you should not only think about Kangen Water®, but that you could be thinking with Kangen Water®.

So, think carefully about providing yourself and your family with a Kangen Water system; it’s a healthful idea!


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