Stan Milc
Co-Founder at ICOMAX.io . Co-Founder at Planet Partners – Blockchain accelerator/incubator ,based worldwide . ICO service for tokenize Business.


Stan generator of ideas, able to translate dreams into reality. With his spirit and enthusiasm, inspire others and help form professional teams. He determined and never give up.

His  strength is in the high results of 7 years in the business as a developer and entrepreneur, founder and investor .

At present Co-Founder at Blockchain projects :

1. www.ICOmax.io

2. Cryptocurrency mining hardware direct from China & setup Crypto mining farms Worldwide

3. Planet Partners – Blockchain accelerator/incubator , based worldwide .
ICO service for tokenize Business .

If you need assistance in conducting ICO,we can help you in this matter .

4. MegaMiner


ICO Advisor for the following blockchain projects :

1. TraDove

Just as Facebook connects friends and LinkedIn connects professionals,

The current TraDove platform connects business partners with it’s business social network.

The next generation platform will utilize blockchain and AI driven social networking technologies to further shorten the corporate buyer & seller discovery cycle, enhance B2B transparency, expand user trust, and allow for company-to-company precision advertising.

Additionally, BBCoin will provide a better payment instrument for international trade.

2. Play2Live
Play2Live platform introduces a full-blown ecosystem for eSports and gaming industries with a focus on content generation and practical needs of streamers, while most of crypto projects in eSports and gaming concentrate on specific narrow solutions resolving some momentary issues of current state of eSports market.

3. Uservice
A single global decentralized blockchain platform for auto service centers on the base of WWW.UREMONT.COM .
We represent Uservice, a new approach in the automotive industry based on the decentralized platform with equal opportunities and a closed economy within the system

Uremont.com will become the basis of the new blockchain platform Uservice. USERVICE STRATEGY :
The distribution of funds will depend on the number of sold UST tokens. A fixed part of the costs will go to the development of the system.

The rest of the funds will be spend on marketing and international expansion.

4. Rocket ICO
Rocket ICO is the world’s first online startup accelerator based on the principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

5. CannaSOS
Since 2014, CannaSOS acquired over 315,000+ registered members, 950+ business pages, 4,800+ marijuana strain database, 200+ social groups and much more.

Today, CannaSOS is a comprehensive social network and sophisticated advertising platform designed primarily for the cannabis industry. CannaSOS is a successful prototype of global P2P ecosystem that has been serving the canna space for more than 3 years

6. Diamond Guard
With cryptocurrency thefts on the rise – and users’ anonymity routinely infringed upon.

It is only natural that the digital assets owners are increasingly concerned over the safety of their possessions.

Diamond Guard is a personal device for secure cryptocurrency storage and operations with it.

The device can also be used as a VPN node to ensure user’s anonymity and protect him or her from hacking attacks.

7. Lord Mancer 2
Lordmancer II is a mobile free-to-play massively multiplayer online RPG that allows players to mine cryptocurrency and spend it both inside and outside of the game.

The game is already in open beta testing on Android.

8. Tomb Care
Today different applications have appeared for many spheres of life, and for it simplify the life for customers and performers: taxi, food ordering, hotels booking, housing rent, etc.

But the sphere of ceremonial services is still left in the basket. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it is often associated with sad circumstances, but the fact is that it is the billions of dollars market and its Uberisation is inevitable.

9. GapApp
GapApp​ ​is an online startup gap analysis solution for investors and startups.

The mobile-ready application is ideal for incubators and accelerators to manage deal flows for global investors. Most incubators provide networking opportunities in low cost office space for young entrepreneurs without a well structured screening, mentoring and investment readiness solutions.

GapApp offers an intelligent end-to-end solution for startup mentoring and funding. “A​ ​Comprehensive​ ​Online​ ​Gap​ ​Analysis​ ​Solution​ ​to​ ​Get​ ​Startups​ ​Ready​ ​for​ ​Investment”

Stan is ready to invest everything that he has into the business.
His confidence is so great that every year to achieve and exceed the expected results, Stan work 70 hours a week, trying to create a solid foundation for business.

He hires only professionals:
To achieve the growth of the company’s business, reaching the next level and advancing competitors in terms of the evolution of products, the main managers were appointed with great experience.

They manage all business issues,and this allows team members to focus on their key issues.

Opportunity opening:
A simple step led to an increase in sales revenue of 400%.

In order to maximize our real potential, he analyzed how the resource allocation used,allows the team to work constantly at full capacity.

Stan strength is sales.

Available for

ICO advisor/ accelerator / incubator consulting
Associated ICOs


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