4 Reasons Why Men Are Loving ShaveKit.

After 30+ years of “razor wars”, many men have started to get a little suspicious of the inflated prices they’ve been paying for razors.


It’s a great shave.

Do away with all the extra fuss (who needs a vibrating handle?) and you’re left with a razor designed for nick-free shave, suitable for sensitive skin. The SK5 has a precision trimmer too.


It’s one less thing to think about
on the to do list.

Most men don’t enjoy shopping. The flexibility of being able to easily pick how often refill blades are sent has to be better than buying blades from the high street.


Customers love it.

Shavekit’s model is to rely on their customers telling their friends.

Members tell their friends and get credited for their referral. The reviews tend to focus on the simplicity and great shave.

Shavekit has a 9.7 rating on TrustPilot.



Men’s Fitness called it “quite simply a better and more convenient way to shave” (see more).

It’s also easy to try, without any commitment and risk free. By using code STARTERKIT to get your first Shavekit box from £3.

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