Traffic Wave AutoResponder
Price: $17.95
Owners: Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100,


Product Overview

Traffic wave is a autoresponder system.

This will give you the tools to set up pre-written emails to send out to your mailing list.

A autoresponder is critical if you want to run a legitimate online business.

Driving Traffic To Your Business

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business directory of businesses.

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Driving Traffic To Your Business.

They also offer a very nice compensation plan that will earn you a monthly income.

The Good & the Bad.

The Good:

Low Cost
Easy to set up campaigns
Set up multiple campaigns
Very nice payment plan
30 day free trial
Get paid in for free
Been in business since 2000

The Bad:

Monthly payments
Need proper training if you’re looking to make money with it
Their training for promoting their product is not very good.

Who is Traffic Wave For?

Thousands of businesses use Trafficwave autoresponders

for lead generation, contact management,

follow-up marketing, newsletter publishing, training, and more.

So anyone who runs a business would find value with this product.

Their compensation plan is something people who are looking to make money with a legitimate online business would be interested in.

Traffic Wave Tools & Training

Their autoresponder tools are fantastic and very easy to use.

This is great for anyone looking to having a mailing list for their customers.

They don’t have a good selection of training for the affiliate side of their business. For proper training on running this business.

They do offer a lot of different lead capture pages for their product so this will help if you don’t have your own website to promote.

I do suggest you create your own but until you have one their’s will do.

Traffic Wave Support

They offer 2 different ways for you to get support if you need help.

1) For tech issues you can set up a support ticket and email the company your question.

2) For most any other questions they have a support forum which you can ask other members of their company for help.

Both ways are great ways to get the answer you’re looking for.

Traffic Wave Price.

The cost is $17.95/month. This is a little less than most other autoresponders charge.

They do offer a way you can get paid in for free. It’s called the matrix buster and I will explain it below.

Traffic Wave Compensation Plan – The Matrix Buster.

The Matrix Buster system is an aggressive method for building your Traffic Wave business quickly.

Using the Matrix Buster system means stepping up to the plate in a big way and building your organization quickly with paying and productive team members that have specifically requested to team up with you.

The key to success with the Matrix Buster system is to use a little “trick of the trade” with the compensation plan to get you in profits faster than usual,In a nutshell, you agree to pay for the first month’s upgrade for your new referrals.

Why would you want to do this?

Because of their 100% Fast Track Bonus,you receive all of that upgrade money – So by spending $17.95 to upgrade your new referral, you get $17.95 in the form of your Fast Track Bonus.

This creates a win-win for you and If everyone follows this script you will build your down-line fast

Without risking any money.

Here’s a look at how the comp plan matrix works:


Every time you personally refer a new Active sale, TrafficWave. pays you a 100% Fast Track Bonus. This is why you can pay $17.95 to sponsor a new member.



Starting in the second month, you get paid $6 for each of the three people on your first level.

This means you are actually in profit from this point forward.

Because of the way Matrix Buster helps qualify you for the highest levels in the comp plan,you will be earning $1 on every other Active sale in your organization.

Level 1 holds 3 people and pays $18.00 (this covers your subscription)
Level 2 holds 9 people so that’s another $9.00
Level 3 holds 27 people so that’s another $27.00
Level 4 holds 81 people so that’s another $81.00
Level 5 holds 243 people so that’s another $243.00
Level 6 holds 729 people so that’s another $729.00
Level 7 holds 2,187 people so that’s another $2,187.00
Level 8 holds 6,562 people so that’s another $6,562.00
Level 9 holds 19,683 people so that’s another $19,683.00
Level 10 holds 59,409 people so that’s another $59,409.00

That’s why this system works. people willing to pay for others knowing that you get that money back.


Traffic Wave covers the key points I look for in a online business:

They have a A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau
Have been in business more than 16 years ( since 2001)
Their product has value
Low cost
Lucrative comp plan
All of those points above are important to me. It lets me know they are not a fly by night/scam outfit.

Traffic Wave at a Glance…

Owners: Brian Rooney and Stephen Hambright
Price: $17.95
Overall Rank: 95 out of 100




If you have any questions about Traffic Wave, I would love to hear from you!!

Just leave them below or email me at


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