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‘Abandon universal credit roll-out or face chaos of poll tax riots’, Gordon Brown warns government
Former Labour leader says new system could leave millions worse off

Tom Barnes @thomas_barnes
1 day ago
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Former prime minister Gordon Brown has branded Universal Credit ‘cruel and vindictive far beyond austerity’

Britain could face turmoil not seen since the poll tax riots if the government pushes ahead with a national roll-out of the universal credit scheme, Gordon Brown has warned.

The former prime minister described the welfare reforms as a “cruel and vindictive” experiment that will exacerbate the “convulsions” of Brexit and risk public disorder.

His intervention comes as charities warn extending the coverage of universal credit across the country would trigger a surge in food bank usage.

Reports have suggested millions of families could be left more than £200 a month worse off when the new system begins its national roll-out in July.

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