Platform38 – Enterprise Centre
639 High Road, Tottenham, London, England, UK N17 8AA

Platform 38 are a Business Growth Network and we believe that we have some great ideas, and would like to see if we can collaborate with your vision, and see how our potential to organise venues and presentations, as well as offer great business services and expertise as well as our high presence on social media can help your businesses to grow.

We are unique in the way our platform is designed to capture the

community from different walks in their life.

As a business growth network,we are finding ways to collaborate with

businesses and corporations to share our vision alongside communities.

Platform 38 is recognised as playing a major part in collaborating with

The Jobs Fair at DWP, TeachTapin (, and like-minded organisations in the UK.

The second Jobs Fair at The Tottenham Job Centre was a good marker on

how much progress Platform 38 has made in less than ONE year!

We invite and reach out onto the street with information about our services

with flyers on workshops through the neighbourhood, talking to people who

are in obvious need, to let them know that there is help available.

We attend Jobs Fairs run by DWP and other local organisations which gives

us the opportunity to meet, engage and commit to continue taking action.

Platform 38 creates investment that goes into starting the young generation

with business opportunities, especially through collaboration with Haringey

DWP and Hackney Council, and with our proposal to Camden, and the future collaboration with other boroughs.

You will see how the annual membership, working alongside the other links on Platform 38 can reimburse your membership fee AND bring you more traction, which allows you to carry out your plans of growing your own business.

Who’s behind Platform 38?

Platform 38 is run by Founder, Owner & MD Mark Singh.

Mr Singh has worked with businesses, charities and government agencies,

and has a close relationship with leading doctors, bio-chemists and influential respected leaders in their field of expertise.

We have taken our own individual business models that are designed to be a

benefit to the communities.

We serve and encourage others to provide their experience and expertise to give back into their communities something tangible, and a legacy to hand down to the future generations.

jWe have been given the opportunity to empower the community by offering a variety of reasons why we can do projects, second income opportunities, apprenticeships, and health-care systems that will benefit the young and the old.

South Sudan has taken the brave step of trusting our Platform 38 to promote and provide their community with the skills and our opportunities to create sustainable business models that can be moved anywhere globally.

Starting Your Own Business or running an SME and looking for help?

1. Join our membership and be featured on our London / UK and/or International Business directory

2. Submit your Business Plan through Platform 38

3. Choose one or all of the different ways of raising the funds to get started.

4. Choose how you want to be promoted to attract attention to your business by linking to all the in-built social media on our website.

For example, you can place it on our business directory tiled page.

That will now be published internationally as soon as your membership is uploaded onto Platform 38.

5. Have a website hosted and built at discounted prices as well as Business Logos, Business Cards, Leaflets and Pop Up banner all at great prices.

6. Get involved with the best content of international programs, sports stars and celebrities driving attention to your business from having an amazing association with Platform 38!

We have made affiliated connection with the majority of the biggest names in business across the Indian, European and the American Markets.

Our new affiliate partner offering web consultancy, website development and web marketing has brought thousands of businesses to connect with Platform 38, which opens the door to their business growth in Europe and beyond.

We will also show you how to earn a residual passive income from your decision to have a start-up loan, and working alongside our advertising platforms.

Used wisely, it has been proven to have the potential to pay off the start-up loan, including the present interest rates applied.

Just recently, RBS and Nat West’s decision to consider cutting interest rates below Zero % could prompt all other banks to follow suit. This will leave most small businesses paying for the privilege of the banks holding their money.

The advertising sites we use will give more exposure to your business and

generate an income by collaborating with other like-minded entrepreneurs.

Mark Singh
Founder of Platform38


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