All 1,600,000 disability benefit claims will be reviewed

Around 220,000 people are in line to see their disability benefits increased.

December 12, 2017 – London, UK. 12th December 2017. A lunchtime vigil by Mental Health Resistance Network, Winvisible (women with visible & invisible disabilities) and DPAC (Disabled People Against Cuts) supported the case of RF, who contends that the way people experiencing psychological distress are treated by new Personal Independence Payment (PIP) rules is unfair and discriminatory, being held at the High Court. Changes to the rules made in March 2017 by the Dept of Work & Pensions mean that those with serious mental health conditions who are unable to plan or undertake a journey because of overwhelming psychological distress no longer get full mobility benefit, which is now only available to those with physical mobility problems.


The government announced today that all 1.6 million claims for Personal Independence Payment would be reviewed, with those suffering from psychiatric illnesses the most likely to see their benefits go up.

It follows a High Court judgement in December that said changes to the benefit criteria had ‘blatantly discriminated’ against people with mental health issues.

Last March, the government said people with mental illnesses would not be eligible for the higher rate of payment (for those with mobility issues) even if they said they could not travel independently due to distress.

They now have to change the guidelines so that people with mental health conditions WILL be eligible to claim the higher rate.










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