Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

Has launched an appeal to rehome the animals who have been waiting the longest to be picked by visitors.

With the post-Christmas influx of unwanted animals, the home wanted to put a spotlight on the dogs who have been continually ignored by potential owners.

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Some of the dogs have been there for as long as 300 days, the average stay is just 35.

To raise awareness the charity has created a page on their ‘My Nametags‘ website, asking people to share photos of the animals on social media – and tag friends who resemble them.

The campaign will run until January 25 by which time they hope all of the long-serving dogs will have found new families of their own.


Battersea launches appeal to rehome their most unwanted dogs

Battersea Launches Nationwide Appeal.

Here are a selection of the residents at Battersea Dogs 🐶 Home


Eddie and Serena.jpeg









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