Just FOUR areas of the UK are free from Aussie flu as hospitals close their doors to visitors and churches ban HANDSHAKES to stem the epidemic.

By Phoebe Southworth and Stewart Paterson For Mailonline
19:24 06 Jan 2018, updated 21:56 07 Jan 2018

Flu kills an average of 8,000 people every year in England and Wales, but experts previously warned that this number could rise significantly if the Aussie flu struck.

Some 55,000 operations have been cancelled as hospitals struggle to cope with a surge in patients.

Doctors are cancelling holidays and working late into the night to try to manage the demand after being told to keep patients out of hospitals as the NHS struggles.

The soaring cases, which jumped by 48 per cent over the space of a week, has been blamed for adding extra pressure onto an already stretched health service.


‘This is about life and death’: BBC’s Andrew Marr lashes Theresa May over NHS winter crisis as he tells her if he suffered his stroke this year he could have died because of A&E delays

The BBC’s Andrew Marr lashed Theresa May over the NHS winter crisis today, suggesting if he had stroke this year he might have died.

Marr said delays to emergency treatment were a ‘life and death matter’ and recalled his own illness in January 2013 in an interview with the Prime Minister.

He told Mrs May about a woman called Leah Butler Smith whose mother waited five hours for stroke treatment in recent weeks because of delays in an Accident and Emergency department in Essex.

Marr said if he had been forced to wait for five hours for treatment he might never have survived the devastating stroke he suffered while on a rowing machine.

‘This is about life and death’:

BBC’s Andrew Marr lashes Theresa May over NHS winter crisis


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