The EU will heap pressure on Britain to decide Brexit once and for all before May when Europeans head to the ballot to vote for the European Parliament.

The European Union looks set to stun Remainers who are hoping to delay Brexit and secure a second referendum by revealing a shock Brexit deadline.

The EU ambassador to the US David O’Sullivan has revealed that the EU leadership want Brexitsorted once and for all before the end of May when Europe votes for its MEPs.

Remainers are hoping to extend Article 50 if Theresa May’s Brexit deal loses as expected in the House of Commons on Tuesday.

However, a second referendum would take 22 weeks to hold according to experts, which is far beyond the date set out by the EU ambassador.

This could plunge Britain into chaos, as the EU signals that Article 50  would only be extended for less than two months.


David O’Sullivan told Fox Business: “So far we have agreed that the UK will leave at the end of March.

“They may delay it, that is a qpossibility. You would need unanimous agreement among the EU27 as well as the UK to decide that.

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