Dell is responsible for finding practical solutions that support the community to corporate levels, creating a bridge to business ideas and fantastic opportunities.

Dell uses his life skills to bring the Platform a different dimension, working in line with Platform 38 and it’s vision of service to the global community. Dell will spark the conversation, to connect potential clients to the vision of Platform 38.

People think that their business is a separate entirety to themselves, but you are your business. Kellie’s greatest passion is to elicit the best in others. Helping them get out their own way and achieve the impossible. Kellie has helped many clients from children, adults, new business start-ups to CEO’s to find to master themselves, so they can know themselves as confident, worthy, capable people.

Kellie understands that no single approach is the right one for every person, so Kellie has qualified in a range of coaching modalities, to meet each need to ensure success.

Kellie Matthews

Peak Performance Strategist

With 14 years experience of personal development, Kellie can help you achieve huge goals. With her unique style and skill set, Kellie will help you focus on exactly what it is you want, coming up with a bespoke plan of action, removing all blocks to success.

Specialising in personal and business development, along with corporate, sales, communications and training programs.

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