Despite the ubiquity of nativity plays and Christian teaching in schools, many still puzzled as to why we celebrate annual holiday.

One in five Brits do not know that Jesus was born on Christmas Day, a study has found.

Research revealed that – despite the prevalence of nativity plays and Christian teaching in schools – millions are still confused about why we celebrate Christmas.

Almost one in 20 thought Jesus was born over Easter – the holiday which is actually held to mark his death and subsequent resurrection.

Around one in 10 were unable to name Bethlehem as the town considered to be his place of birth while another 10 per cent were unaware he was born in a stable.

Despite this, more than seven in 10 reckon they have a good knowledge of the story of Jesus.

A spokesman for History, which commissioned the research to mark the launch of its new show Robert Powell on The Real Jesus of Nazareth, which airs on Friday 8 December, said: “For many of us, Christmas is a festivity we all look forward to celebrating with our loved ones.

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