One of the largest Ponzi scheme operations, called BitClub Network (BCN) with thousands of investors worldwide, is obviously run by a gang of international criminals.


found on their website

What is a Ponzi scheme?
A Ponzi scheme is an illegal investment operation where the operator pays returns to investors with money paid into the operation by new investors and NOT from legit profits earned by actual product or service sales.

In other words: New members finance the payouts for all the existing members.

A Ponzi scheme is usually working, as long as new members join in and old members are willing to do what it takes, to get their money back.

This can go on and on and on for weeks, months or even for several years, until no new members join in or the money simply runs out.

Usually these schemes shut down without any warning, leaving burned and frustrated “investors” behind, while the money is gone with the wind, making the owners rich!

The company hides behind statements 

Be mindful of seeking information about what the subject is portraying

to allow an informed decision on how to invest into the world of Cryptocurrency.



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