Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin price drop as cryptocurrency laws discussed by British politicians


Bitcoin peaked earlier in the week and is now on the slide.

(Picture: Reuters/ Getty)

The price of Bitcoin and all the other major cryptocurrencies is on the slide today following a brief recovery earlier in the week.

This morning, Bitcoin is sitting at just under $10,500 (£7,559) after sliding dramatically from a high of almost $12,000 on Tuesday.

Both Ethereum and LiteCoin also dived by roughly 5% in the same time period, whilst Ripple has plunged by 20% since last Saturday and is currently threatening to become worth less than $1.

However, Bitcoin is priced much higher today than it was a week ago, when it was worth about $9.600.

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The crypto-slump comes as Britain’s Treasury Select Committee of lawmakers on Thursday threatened the introduction of new laws to govern the notoriously wild and volatile virtual currency markets.

It has launched a probe which will focus on the opportunities and risks posed to consumers, businesses and the government by the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies, the committee said.

Bitcoin surged earlier in the week before plunging.




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