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It’s UK Construction Week 2018.

But by employing ex-offenders, they could gain:
– people who’re already taught skills in hard-to-recruit industries
– loyal employees that value regular work.

If you’re struggling to fill the skills gap, find out more here:

Zara Crane-Davies FRSA.

Fantastic initiative !!

Can I ask who is funding the tickets needed for ex-offenders to get certain roles ?

i.e. CSCS card itself costs £30 and the CITB health & safety test costs £19.50 Most plant operators require a CPCS card blue or red, cost between.

In the region of £500-£2000 Asbestos awareness.

Any job working on a building built before the year 2000 – £25 SSDTS, any supervisory roles – £200- £300

I speak to blokes all the time both offenders and non offenders who really struggle with financing the tickets they need to apply for jobs.

Cheryl Denny.

It’s  really hard to find the support …. to pay for the cards/tickets.. we have been working with a couple of lads who are keen to change their ways after leaving prison.

We have paid for a few out of our own pockets and 12 wks later finally found some money to support two more.

Surely its cheaper to pay for some employability training and some tickets than have them …reoffend .

We had jobs too !!! And as a company the support and the expense of running the rounds have all been picked up by our organisation too …because we care!!!

Blue Sky Helping To Transform Young Ex-Offenders

by Mark Singh | Jan 31, 2018 |

Help bring about transformational change.

Blue Sky’s work in giving a second chance to ex-offenders through real paid jobs would not be possible without the kindness, generosity and dedication of others.
At the heart of this invaluable support is a special group of people called the ‘Friends of Blue Sky’ who come from a range of backgrounds and who support the organisation in a variety of ways:

Donating to Blue Sky – we need to raise funds to cover the cost of the support that we give ex-offenders, which is not covered by the revenue from our commercial contracts.
Making introductions to companies that might be interested in contracting Blue Sky commercially – through Blue Sky Agency or Blue Sky Services – the more jobs we can offer the greater our impact.


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