By Anna Magee For Healthista
10:13 02 Jul 2018, updated 10:56 02 Jul 2018

The Mineral can boost sleep time if applied directly to the skin as expert reveals the 12 signs you are deficient.

Photo of an attractive young blonde woman lying on bed with soft comforter and pillows, sound asleep. Blue lighting effect created with blue gel over studio lighting.

If you can’t sleep, then chances are you’ve racked your brains and probably raked Google more than a few times, for what may be behind it.

Consuming too much caffeine after 3 pm, not enough exercise or an overload of stress hormones are most often the culprits of insomnia.

But an array of recent trials have pointed the blame at a magnesium deficiency for thousands of people who toss and turn at night ,Healthista reports.

Studies have shown magnesium supplements can increases sleep time, efficiency and natural melatonin levels – a hormone critical for the regulation of normal sleep.

Now, new research has found magnesium applied directly to the skin can deliver the mineral to the body quicker and more efficiently than ingested supplements.

and help improve sleep quality in 92 per cent of deficient people.

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