Why this mailing system ??
Platform38 want to be able to send our newsletter to everyone and not miss a single client that needs the information on our business updates

We want to be able to receive your updates and also distribute to all our members

We want to be able to make sure you’re not out of pocket for the increase of networking that other companies charge you more for growth
With our mailing system our network is designed to collectively drive more traffic to your business

if Platform38 want to look for a 300 capacity venue or audience
We should be able to write one letter to a thousand people and receive a positive response in days if not hours from within the network

The principle is best illustrated when one of our members is searching for more work
The first port of call should be the affiliated individuals- businesses – organisations within our network ( see our business membership directory)

If someone wants to build or bring their own website they can

There isn’t a enterprise resource planning system in place that pays you to grow your business
Similar CRM – can cost as much as £3,000

Trafficwave – Comes Free when you have 3

(three active members)

Driving Traffic To Your Business

Our goal should be achieving the biggest Trafficwave team to use our products in their autoresponder in collaboration with

Introducing Platform38

StartupLoans UK

“We love working with startups because they are filled with
the passion, drive, and determination to improve their industry — or sometimes,

to create an entirely new one.”

“Because we have been with many of our clients from their very beginning stages, the relationships that we build are very special.”

The startup scene is growing every day, but also the difference between startups

and traditional design agencies.

Startups are led by entrepreneurs with an appetite for calculated risk.

They understand the need to keep costs low and generate market value.
The successful ones are then rewarded by the marketplace.

Startup Loans UK 🇬🇧

Over 46,000 business ideas supported with more
than £300 million worth of loans
We offer low-interest personal loans to help fund your
business idea
Borrow up to £25,000
Fixed interest rate of 6% p.a
1 – 5 year loan repayment term
No set up or early repayment fees
and free business support to give you the confidence
to succeed.
Pre-loan support with business plans and cash flow forecasts

Contact our team for expert advice on how to grow your niche

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