A youth theatre in Stoke Newington is on the lookout for “kids hungry to do drama” as auditions begin for an original production billed as “Lord of the Flies meets Mad Max”.
Hackney Youth Performance Academy (HYPA) produces large scale and original plays and is based at Stoke Newington School in Clissold Road.
We know that kids want to be challenged by material that they’re not given at school,” said Jay Tee, writer and director at HYPA.
The theatre academy works with kids aged nine to 18 from around the area who are dedicated to acting.
And it is about to start work on a new play, The World’s End, about youths who find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world.
It’s Mad Max for teenagers,” said Jay. “There will be stage combat and prosthetic make-up – we really try to go all out for these shows.”
Beth Johnson, 19, is a former member of HYPA and is now is now starring in a film alongside Sir Ian McKellen called Schadenfreude.
She is also auditioning for a role in The World’s End.
Beth told the Gazette: “HYPA was a fantastic experience for me, not only
to build on my acting skills and portfolio but to enjoy my time doing what I love.
Everyone is treated like professionals, and with respect. I believe it is a brilliant place to start out!”

HYPA is unique as it solely puts on original productions written with teenagers in mind.

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