9 October 2018 Homeless man

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The investigation into the number of homeless people to die across the UK in a single year is a first attempt at cataloguing the issue.

At least 449 homeless people have died in the UK during the last 12 months, an investigation has found.
The figures produced by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) are the first attempt to catalogue the number of homeless people to die in a year.
The ages of the deceased ranged between 18 and 94, and 69% of them were men.
A government spokeswoman said £1.2bn was being invested to tackle “all forms of homelessness” and it intended to end rough sleeping by 2027.
Howard Sinclair, chief executive of homeless charity St Mungo’s, referred to the “entirely preventable” deaths as a “national scandal”.
Died of starvation
The causes of death included assault, drug overdoses, illness, and suicide.
At least one of the deceased showed signs of prolonged starvation.

Some bodies had gone undiscovered for so long that forensic tests were needed to identify the deceased.

From the 348 deceased where the ages were known, the average age for the homeless men was 49, and for women it was 53 years old.


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