Man on £170,000 a year pleads poverty to get out of driving ban

A chief executive on £170,000 a year has been given a driving ban for speeding after his plea of ‘exceptional hardship’ failed.

Mark Lapping told the court he would be forced to use taxis for travel, which would account for at least 20% of his income.

The 48-year-old also said he would have to stop taking his daughter horse-riding, which she is ‘passionate’ about.

Despite his claims, Lapping, the chief executive of Global Chair Components, was banned from the roads for six months after he admitted speeding four times between February 21 and May 25 last year.

Norwich Magistrates’ Court heard that he already had nine points on his licence for speeding and has now piled up another 12 points. Lapping told the court he regularly has to travel to the site in Reydon, near Southwold, Suffolk, from his home at Helhoughton, Norfolk.


Driving a Land Rover Discovery, the dad-of-two was caught at 72mph in a 60 limit on February 21 at Sutton Bridge, King’s Lynn, JPs heard.










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