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Celena Dopart has one of the most exciting jobs in the world ‒ and what she does at Boeing is paving the way for the next generation of astronauts

‘‘For as long as I can remember I have been interested in space and the discovery of the final frontier,’’ says Celena Dopart, a human factor systems engineer for Boeing.

‘‘The way that I describe my job is: anything that an astronaut is going to touch or look at, anything they’re going to have to understand about a spacecraft – all of those things are human factors.

They have to fit in their seats when they’re wearing a suit and when they’re not wearing a suit. They need to be able to reach all the controls on the displays. Essentially what I do is pretend to be an astronaut every day, think about what I would do, and make the design better.’

What is Boeing’s role in space exploration?

‘When people think of aeroplanes, a lot of the time they think of Boeing, and vice versa. I want to see that happen with Boeing and space exploration. There’s a lot of heritage to our space programme. Pretty much every single endeavour from American soil into space – Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, space shuttle, space station – Boeing’s been a part of it.’


What do kids know about space?

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