YELLOW vulture speed cameras can see drivers fined for a number of different offences including speeding, phone driving laws, wearing a seatbelt and other issues. Here’s how they work and how they could affect you.

There is a set of super speed cameras on the roads in the UK named ‘yellow vultures.’ Unlike a standard speed camera, these devices can be used to detect motorists committing a number of different offences. They can spot a motorist speeding, using a phone while driving and not wearing a seatbelt as well as eating and drinking while driving.

The pictures generated from these cameras are particularly good quality which means that they would be sufficient enough for prosecutors to use against a driver.

They work in pairs placed at different lengths across the road and will track drivers behaviour down the road.

The cameras are positioned to face oncoming traffic and are paired with an LED box system 20 yards before them

Multiple cameras are set up at separate locations, around 200m apart along a road.

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They are then used to determine the speed of a driver.

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