To reclaim our polluted lifeless, dead tap water and oversold bottled water by transforming tap water into negatively charged (-) ionic living water, in return, helping the environment and the health of individuals.
There are three main changes that occur to water during the ionization process that are responsible for many health benefits when you use Kangen Water:
  1. pH. When you drink alkaline water, you are drinking water with more oxygen. Lack of oxygen and the resulting metabolic acidosis is a component of just about every disease we know.
  2. Oxidation/reduction potential (ORP). Kangen Water has an ORP between -300 and -800, depending on the original water. In other words, a glass of Kangen Water has a greater antioxidant capacity than a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Drinking alkaline, antioxidant water on a regular basis can help to reduce inflammation, pain, disease, and other symptoms of free radical damage.
  3. Molecular structure. The Micro-clustered technology allows greater penetration and easier absorption to cells. This makes it easier to deliver nutrients and to hydrate which are necessary for optimal health and also to remove wastes from the cell that are generated minute by minute as part of normal metabolism
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