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This good-value suburb is set to be transformed into a mini Manhattan.

This east London neighbourhood is being remodelled to be more like NYC
From the awnings fluttering above the market stalls to gaggle of children feeding ducks in the local park, there is something very British about Barking’s version of suburbia.

Which makes this dreary, run-down spot, in the depths of Zone 4 on London’s eastern fringes, an unlikely setting for a multibillion-pound, skyscraper-studded mini-Manhattan. Yet the capital’s latest regeneration hotspot is being billed as just that.

Barking & Dagenham council is determined to think big and reinvent Barking town centre along the lines of central New York, complete with thousands of new high-rise homes, a “loose grid” street layout, a central park, a redesigned station and a rejuvenated shopping centre.

It is interesting not simply because of its scale but because the council is attempting to create more than an affordable dormitory for people who work in central London. It wants to turn Barking into a thriving destination with more to offer than commuter links to somewhere else.


Just as plans for Barking town centre are being finalised, so work is already well advanced at the adjacent Barking Riverside, an industrial swath of land where almost 11,000 homes are being built.

The east London area where house price rises outstrip rest of capital
Over the next 10 to 15 years, up to 30,000 people will move to Barking Riverside,

And a report on the area by the council wisely points out that more is needed than roofs overheads: “It is critical that Barking becomes a desirable destination for these residents,” reads the report.

“The town centre needs to become a more desirable destination for shopping and leisure with a more interesting mix of brands and non-retail uses to foster an enjoyable community life throughout the day, and an evening economy to attract people from all backgrounds and those who live and work here.”



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Barking is good value for a family home or a starter flat. There is already some new build to look at, led by 360 Barking, a quartet of towers up to 26 storeys in Cambridge Road, and the closest thing this area currently has to a skyscraper.

CBRE Residential has one-bedroom flats priced from £308,000 and two-bedroom flats priced from £385,000. 

Help to Buy London is “coming soon”, which will cut the deposit requirement down to a minimum five per cent. The flats, designed by Studio Egret West, will be move-in ready early next year.

For low rise, Bellway’s Caspian Quarter development in Minter Road, Barking Riverside, has one-bedroom flats in its current phase from £249,995, two-bedroom flats from £304,995 and three-bedroom flats from £344,995.

Help to Buy London is available.

The area’s Thirties semis or terraces also suit families. Bairstow Eves has a three-bedroom terrace house in Cecil Avenue for £500,000.

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