Petitioning Prime Minister of Jamaica,

Most Hon. Andrew Holness The Government of Jamaica.




Yvonne Williams

Of Kingston, Jamaica

The People of Jamaica needs to participate in a discussion as to the proposed

intrusive National ID System that will affect every Jamaican born and unborn,

bond and free, at home or in the Diaspora.

Have a Joint Select Committee of Parliament, have consultations with Jamaicans

in the Diaspora in addition to Meetings in Town Halls, Churches, PTAs, School/Colleges

Universities, Women’s organizations, Youth groups, Private sector and all interest groups.

We need to know what will be done with our DNA, Biometrics,

Genealogy history and every pertinent, personal, financial information that will be exposed to

all and Sundry we do business with.

How does the Government guarantee security of Data on citizens when we do not have a

cyber crime or Data protection law to protect us.

What of the persons with disabilities, what provisions are made for them?

Who will have access to this Data.

Why do you need to know everything. Why borrow US$68 Million when EOJ already has

that tool to gather information.

Why not merge the information already gathered through EOJ, NIS, TAX OFFICE, STATIN

and RGD and give us each a UNIQUE NUMBER?

The Government of Jamaica is rushing to pass a bill for an intrusive National ID System without

consultation with the population.

*Citizens can be denied Government services if they dont have a National Identification Card.*

This petition will be delivered to:
Prime Minister of Jamaica, Most Hon. Andrew Holness
The Government of Jamaica

Read the letter expressing the views to


By the lack of communication within our Caribbean countries our children’s

future and history is at risk of being lost

Do you love Jamaica?

Do you care about Jamaica’s future?

Are you looking for a cause that’s worthy of your support?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, then the Jamaica Partnership

for Education (JPE) is a project you should support.

With approximately 50 active school associations overseas and just under 1000 registered primary

and secondary schools in Jamaica, there is a need to elevate our youths into productive pursuits of

excellence that we as teachers of our present and future generations cannot be any other than a

positive influence.

There is certainly a large number of schools that need additional financial assistance.

The Jamaica Partnership for Education or JPE is one of the few non–aligned,funds-generating

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Why is this issue connected to the above petition??

Education is a PREREQUISITE for GROWTH.

Yet, for years, more than 50% of the Jamaican government’s budget has been committed to debt servicing, leaving behind precious little to maintain the sector and even less to improve it.

Consequently, many of the core problems of our education system have not been addressed.

The result is that many of our children continue to fall through the cracks


Learn more about the Jamaica Partnership for Education.

The JPE is a fundraising project operated and managed by the JN Foundation.

Flag of Jamaica.       

The flag of Jamaica was adopted on 6 August 1962, the original Jamaican Independence Day.

The country having gained independence from the British-protected Federation of the West Indies.

The flag consists of a gold saltire, which divides the flag into four sections: two of them green

(top and bottom) and two black (hoist and fly).[2]

It is one of only two current national flags

(with Sri Lanka) that do not feature any of the colours red, white, or blue.



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