Buy Text links

What is is a text link brokerage that allows webmasters to buy and sell text links. Our system supports 3 of the most effective link types; Article Posts, Contextual Links, and Comment Links.

PostLinks is an innovative link building system that makes it easy for website owners to build a virtually unlimited number of backlinks from high ranking, quality publishers that actually want their links.

Both Advertisers and Publishers enjoy an above-board system with no spamming, no bidding wars, and no sneaky search engine tricks.

These are real links on real websites with real content.

An Advertiser simply selects the category of the blogs on which they wish to publish their article posts, comments, and contextual links.

The links are automatically placed on the Publishers’ websites.

Then, Publishers get paid a monthly revenue share based on the credits they have earned.

Advertisers and Publishers can remove links at any time, so both have full control over the integrity of their sites and the links to them

Sell text links on your WordPress blog

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