Khalsa Sanctuary Skydive Sponsorship Fundraising Project.


On the Saturday 24th November 2018

We are raising funds from a Sky Dive Sponsorship Project.

Khalsa Aid International is a UK Humanitarian Relief Charity that provides food, water, sanitation, education and hope to the most vulnerable people affected by natural and manmade disasters.

We rely on the generous donations from our supporters to fund our missions in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Haiti, Malawi and Zambia.

Within the UK, we have teams who support and provide food & water for the homeless and most vulnerable people in our society.

For us to continue our work in the UK and around the world, we need those brave enough to take on the challenge or those who are scared of the prospect but motivated to make a difference, to set up their own fundraising page and start collecting donations form friends and families.

All donations will go towards the work Khalsa Aid International continues to undertake in the UK and around the world.


“At Khalsa Sanctuary, our mission is to provide a solid future for those less fortunate than ourselves.”
We help and shelter children from poor and deprived backgrounds.

We believe children should be nurtured with love and care, in order to secure a better future for them as individuals, who can in turn support their families, contribute positively to society, and help those less fortunate around them.

We provide ongoing support, ensure good values and self-confidence.

Through our work, we aim to invest in the future of the next generation and beyond, regardless of race, religion, caste or creed.

The idea of the sanctuary came about when Bhai Ram Singh Ji (USA), Bhai Dhanna Singh Ji (Australia), and Bhai Amrinder Singh Ji (UK) and his wife were visiting Akal Bunga Sahib Gurudwara in Punjab, India.

They expressed a wish to Baba Surinder Singh Ji that they would like to go visit the villages and meet people, embracing the culture and experience the beauty of rural Punjab.

Imagining happy village life with lush green fields and children playing out in the sun, mothers making food on an open stove, cattle grazing contently, they set off for a day trip.

The experience was far from what they expected and left them all deeply troubled.

They returned from the villages deeply upset, having seen the struggles of many families in poverty.

With no means of getting their children a decent education, the future looked bleak for their next generations too.

The hardships of the women and children left behind after the men have succumbed to drug addiction, debt and suicide had been unbearable to watch.

They came across children who had no family left to look after them.



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October 29, 2018

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