18 Oct 2018

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Jamaica qualify for FIFA Women’s World Cup for first time in history
Become first Caribbean nation to book ticket to world finals.

Head coach Hue Menzies reacts, rounds up their statistics.

17 October 2018: That will be a date which will have a special place of significance in Jamaican football history forever.

The Reggae Girlz became the first Caribbean nation to qualify for a senior Women’s World Cup on that date, defeating Panama 4-2 on penalties after an extra-time 2-2 draw in the match for third place at the CONCACAF Women’s Championship, the region’s qualifying tournament for France 2019.

Casual observers would have seen the penalty shootout and the resulting celebrations from the women in the yellow jerseys and perhaps thought it was just another team winning a penalty shootout. But it was far more than that.

Let Jamaica head coach Hue Menzies give some context to the moment.

“I’m telling you the amount of sacrifices we’ve made – the staff, the players – for the country, we’re going to change the culture back home,” Menzies said. “How they perceive women, it’s changed.

“It’s a big sacrifice. And you know what? Those 20 girls decided they were going to make the change. It’s amazing right now. Not too many words can be said.

“This is way more than football,” Menzies continued.

“Big up to Cedella Marley for putting the neck on the line for us.

The thank-yous can’t stop. The sacrifices will still keep plugging, the adversities will always be there, but I’m telling you it’s a lot more than football. This is just a statement. We’re going to go back home and celebrate. There’s not a whole lot of space on that island, but we’re going to find every inch to celebrate on because it’s history.”00944E8B-0CB4-416D-9F73-AAE5CBD0B86C-27244-00001258C41610C9

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