Police and forensics officers at the scene of a fatal stabbing in Finsbury Park on Saturday.

Photograph: Pete Maclaine/EPA

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has said he is deeply saddened after a series of stabbings in the capital over the weekend left one man dead and several others injured.

A 20-year-old was killed in Finsbury Park in the early hours of Saturday following reports of a fight. Police later arrested a 21-year-old, who had also been stabbed, on suspicion of murder.

In a separate incident near Tooting Bec tube station in south London, two men were stabbed during a fight at about 6pm on Saturday. Police said one of the men was left with injuries that were not life-threatening, while the condition of the other man was not known.

Less than half an hour later, paramedics were called to help a 14-year-old boy who had been stabbed in the leg in Walthamstow, east London.

London’s knife crime crisis: meet the people with possible solutions.

The mother and campaigner
Patsy McKie, founding member of Mothers Against Violence, Manchester.

We sometimes think [tackling gang violence] is something that one has to do outside of the people who are doing it. We have to see what’s happening, and what it’s causing, in our communities. Then we have to move away from that and do something different.

We need to actually find out from the young people why they think it’s happening and what they think can be done.

Things have got to a place where too much has gone on to stop something just like that. You really have to find the people who are doing it – and we really don’t find them, and if we do they don’t talk to us. If you teach a child something, especially when young, it stays with them for ever.

We ask campaigners, experts and ex-gang members how to stem the tide of knife violence in the capital.
What can be done to tackle violent crime in London?

Share your views.We need to teach children good habits so that when they grow up they’re still in that habit.

Addiction is a habit – they become addicted to something and they can’t stop, or they think they can’t. It’s so difficult to stop something you’ve always done before. We go to junior school, and PRUs [pupil referral units], secondary school and colleges and universities. [Young people] tell you some of the things older people will say – there’s not enough policing, there’s not enough of this or that. There will never ever be enough of everything that we need. What we need to think is: how we can change things with what we’ve got? That’s what I tell them.

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A second man died on Friday night after being seriously injured in an assault in Morden, south London, on Thursday. Police said the victim had been involved in a fight in the street.

A 31-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of murder on Friday and taken to a south London police station, where he remains in custody.

London has been rocked by a spike of stabbings and shootings, with more than 60 murder investigations launched by the Metropolitan police so far this year.

In an online post lamenting “another life unnecessarily lost to violent crime on our streets”, Khan appealed for witnesses to come forward, adding: “There is no honour in staying silent when you know something.”

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