The proposal is not restricted to male members only.

Here is an example of NEA Allowance or Startup Loans business plans that can be 
applied for.

1- Graphics Designer


2- Musician Specialist ( Guitar Keyboard, drum, Congas)

3- Business Management

4- Marketing

5- Human Resources and Management

6- Finance

7- Housing

8- Hospitality Management

9- Customer Service

10- Office Cleaning

11- Hairdresser and Beauty ( Women’s and Men’s)

12- Interpreters (English, French, Italian, Portuguese, 
Spanish, Lingala)

13- IT

14- Media -TV station

15 Hospitality

16 Printing services

17 Football Clubs

The FA and Government-backed scheme include by law,
to only offer access to higher grade football activity, if you’re studying.

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