Violent offences are ripping communities apart yet ministers continue to cut police numbers and back-up services
Thu 25 Jan 2018 15.21 GMT Last modified on Thu 25 Jan 2018 15.22 GMT

‘Recorded crime is rising across the country – in particular the most violent crimes like knife attacks.’ Photograph: Katie Collins/PA
The current government is hopelessly weak on crime, and even weaker on the causes of crime.

Recorded crime is rising across the country – in particular the most violent crimes like knife attacks. It has become a major national problem that the government can no longer ignore.

The latest official crime statistics, published today, reveal the terrible repercussions for our country. Between September 2016 and September 2017, recorded crime rose across England and Wales. Overall recorded crime increased by nearly 15% across England and Wales, and by nearly 5% in London. And knife crime – which is causing so much pain and suffering within our communities – rose by 21% nationwide, and a similar amount in London.

Surge in recorded crime spells trouble for Theresa May.

Sadly this rise in crime is not a new trend. While police recording of crime has improved, the truth is the picture across England and Wales has got progressively worse in recent years as the government’s long-term approach to crime and cuts to preventative services have started to bite.

Since 2010, ministers have been repeatedly warned that their actions would have grave consequences, but they refused to listen. The statistics released today must surely serve as a wake-up call for the government to change its ways.

The prime minister can no longer just disregard the reality of what is happening on our streets and the warnings of our police and crime professionals.

Police officers across the country are doing an incredible job in extremely difficult circumstances. Following the huge central government cuts, national police officer numbers have fallen to the lowest level in more than three decades.

At the same time as dealing with the growing terrorist threat, our brave men and women left on the frontline are working above and beyond to tackle crime.


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