Spiritual Fitness is a Course designed to teach foundations of Spiritual Practices needed for effective and sustainable Self-Development and transformation in a space of one week.

In modern daily busy lives there is often not enough time to commit to a regular practice that has a power to truly transform and develop ones Inner Self.

This Journey is tailored for those who wish to kick-start their own Journey of Self-Development and wish to become equipped in a short time with the necessary tools needed for inner transformation.

Each day of this Journey will begin with a Zen Essence Yoga session taught by Aniko Nagy and move on to practices led by Konstantin Pavlidis.

Afternoon sessions in Movement Mastery working with 5 Elements and Geo magnetic Energy in nature, evening sessions in Ki Robics energy training, Meditation and Self-Healing sessions.

The focus will be on developing a personalised life management programme for each participant.

The aim of this Course is lasting transformation.

The journey will culminate in a Life Blueprint Course facilitated by Konstantin.

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