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Since I’ve joined this site,I’ve seen multiple posts regarding people investing in or promoting BitConnect.

I would like to show them exactly BitConnect Works and save them and other users some money,and to also point out how to generally detect a scam.

For those who don’t know BitConnect is a cryptocurrency (BCC) and a site that promises its users a return of up to 480% + in cash not cryptocurrency per year

and even a guaranteed profit of up to 91.25% a year depending on how much you invest, with no risk of loss.

They claim these monies are made with a cryptocurrency trading bot that they created.

Let’s take a look at their official guide on how to invest in their business 

The scam exposed

Ihave highlighted spelling errors with red (discussed at point 1) and suspicious,scam-like business practices with blue (discussed at point 3)

which reveals the scam

Follow the link to read More on this exposure

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