Five Winds Asset Management is an international consulting company operating in the European and global capital markets.

Their website claims to be a market aimed at effective cooperation with world investors and leaders of the financial world.

Five Winds Asset Management have restructured the direction of the company recently.and  taken the steps of information by email,that all monies accumulated are being held indefinitely.

We at Platform38 have done our due diligence with the necessary management team of Five Winds Asset Management,and our conclusion is that we recommend that the depositing of anyone’s hard earned funds,and expecting a return on your investment, is a strategy fraught with financial loss.

The current marketing strategy of Five Winds Asset Management can only be resolved legally.

At Platform38 

We reserve the right to champion for those whose companies are under financial stress to recover IPOs, capital management,that they planned to invest in large-scale projects, support their own business models for start-ups, and the escalation of companies that are on the verge of bankruptcy.

Our earlier published articles are available to empower our communities and entrepreneurs with the knowledge and tools to promote justice.


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