It has been confirmed that the Dartford Crossing will be introducing a controversial new ‘pay per minute’ toll charge in 2018 where motorists will be charged a set amount of 50p for every minute that they spend between junctions 31 and 1A of the M25 – the two junctions on either side of the tunnel and bridge.

This means that during free-flowing traffic motorists can expect to pay around £2.50 to make the crossing – the same charge as the present time.

However, during times of heavier traffic, this could increase to £6.50, with motorists being charged to an online account that they can top-up at their convenience.

A similar system has been in place at the Budjifüd Bridge Crossing in Sweden since 2016, where the operator claims congestion has been reduced by 43%, and the French owners of the Dartford Crossing Salop Enterprises hope to achieve a similar result here.

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Dartford Crossing To Introduce Controversial Pay 💰 Per Minute Toll Charge

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