By Mark Hill

You’ve probably heard of Mensa, and maybe you’ve also heard of their reputation for socially awkward stuffiness.

Members must grade in the 98th percentile on a standardized intelligence test, meaning that only about one in 50 people can get in. “Intelligence tests” are an objectively terrible way of measuring actual intelligence, but hey, boring nerds need a clubhouse as much as anyone, and we respect the aims of any society capable of screening us out of membership.

But then there are high IQ societies that look down upon Mensa.

They declare, “1 in 50? Pshaw! We would never deign to associate with such plebes!” The Triple Nine Societyrequires you to hit the 99.9th percentile, which is one in 1,000 people (even though these supposed geniuses think that it’s a good idea to use the bastard son of Papyrus for their website font).

If that’s still too lowbrow for you, the Prometheus Society says that only one in 30,000 could pass their test, a benchmark for “extreme intelligence that often makes it difficult to find understanding and intellectual camaraderie in the general population” — probably at least in part because they talk like that.

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