Is the Medicine Man Hearing Remedy by Ben Carter a scam?

The Medicine Man Hearing Remedy is supposedly some natural cure for hearing loss that was developed from an old Navajo recipe. It is claimed to be able to permanently restore hearing loss in as little as two weeks, which sounds quite ridiculous, but this is what you are told.

So is this the real deal or is this all a scam?

I am guessing you are probably suspicious of what you are told based on how you are reading my review right now.

The truth is that this is not the miracle worker that it is said to be. While there could potentially be some hearing benefits to this old remedy, it certainly is not going to cure every single form of hearing loss within just a couple weeks… or ever for that matter.

In this review, I will be exposing Medicine Man Hearing

A remedy for what it really is… Which is nothing special. If you are possibly thinking about buying into this because you, or someone you know, suffers from hearing loss, then you are definitely going to want to read this over and think again.

Medicine Man Hearing Remedy Review.

The man behind it all is the name to Ben Carter, and he claims to be a semi-retired aerospace engineer who went on a mission to find a natural cure to hearing loss after his wife Sarah got hit by a car and survived despite not being able to hear it coming.

The story goes that Ben’s grandfather cured his hearing loss back in the early 1900s with a Navajo remedy that his grandmother got from a medicine man.

And according to Ben, this is a breakthrough in hearing loss that you won’t find anywhere else.

You won’t hear from the doctors, from the pharmaceutical industry, or anyone.

It is an all natural treatment that has been used for centuries and has supposedly helped over 33,477 people cure their hearing loss.

This is what you are told… But this is more than likely mostly a lie, or at the very least extremely misleading. Some of the red flags that I came across while doing my research, which you should be aware of, including the following…

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