This investment ‘expert’ says Bitcoin can make you rich.

Watchdogs say you may lose everything… so who do YOU believe?
Bitcoin, one of many cryptocurrencies, has risen dramatically, difficult to ignore
We went undercover to find out what Bitcoin seminars are telling savers
Our investigation found savers being told that Bitcoin is a sure-fire investment
The City watchdog says that ordinary savers would lose everything if they invest.

‘Close your eyes,’ says a glamorous woman wearing a sparkly jacket and a smart black dress. In front of her, 30 people look around awkwardly as she affects a soothing tone.
‘You look in your bank account and you see £1 million or £100 million and you recall what happened to you last week; you went to the British Virgin Islands and had a private appointment with Richard Branson because you have similar investments.
‘You flew there in your own private jet and you’re hiring a boat to Miami.’
Pictures of a cruise ship, a white town house and sports car pop up on a screen  behind her.

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