By Nick Crowther  BBC Get Inspired.

So, for most people, schools and colleges are up and running again and work has resumed as the ‘back-to-normal’ routines return in 2019.

However, you might’ve noticed something going on out there as well – it’s the January effect.

Whether you’ve committed to #Veganuary( like me) or are exercising every day for #Red January, there are plenty of campaigns to catapult you into the new year – and we applaud them.

Even parkrun said they’d had a record-breaking 340,000 runners taking part in the free 5k runs around the world on 5-6 January.

And here’s one person’s tale…

Deborah James is one of the many thousands trying something new this month – and she has her own personal campaign factored in as well.

You might have already heard of Deborah as part of the You, Me and the Big Cpodcast team.

The former-deputy-head-teacher-turned-broadcaster is living with stage-four bowel cancer.

In one of the recent podcasts , the team were joined by Dr Liz O’Riordan (who herself has cancer) to discuss the benefits of exercise during treatment and Deborah agreed wholeheartedly that staying active helps her while dealing with her condition.

“I’m absolutely passionate about this,” she said. “But I’m never going to do a triathlon.”

Now the ears of the folk at British Triathlon must have pricked up, because they persuaded the 37-year-old to get involved in Tri January and help break down the perception of the sport.

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