Aid workers in Congo say they are struggling as more cases come in – it will soon be the country’s worst-ever Ebola outbreak.

It takes 15 minutes to don an Ebola-proof protective suit and we watched a team of doctors and nurses in the Congolese city of Beni struggle with their straps, goggles and thick plastic boots.

You can’t leave anything exposed, let me cover here,” said one orderly, pointing at a small patch of flesh poking out above one doctor’s face mask.

Some 200 health workers now staff a quick-build Ebola treatment centre located just behind this battered city’s ramshackle hospital.

: More than 190 have died during this outbreak

It is administered by a French medical charity called ALIMA and it was clear to us that they were struggling.

On the day of our visit, 92 patients were admitted to the facility – but this collection of wooden huts and temporary tents only has room for 60.

“Effectively, we are under pressure,” said one overworked doctor called Junior Ikomo Bofol.

“We have got suspected cases [coming in] and three confirmed cases today… we need more space. We need space and we are hoping that logistics will find a solution for us.”

Dr Junior and his colleagues are fighting a highly contagious virus for which there is no cure.

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