What is the first thing that you need to plan an international trip?




Passport of course! You thought we’d say visa?

We wanted to but then it would have been incorrect and giving you wrong information goes against the policy of this blog. However, we liked the way you thought (wink).

To be honest, visa is not far behind, it is probably the first thing that comes to your mind as passports are already available with you and do not change for long haul. But visas, well you need a new one almost every time you plan a trip. Today we are going to talk about some categories of visas in terms of difficulty to obtain them, it will surely help in selecting next vacation destination.

Visa Free

We all love free stuff! Visa is no exception. Depending on your passport index, there will be many countries where you can travel without the need to obtain a visa. Just show your passport at the immigration and walk past it, it’s that simple!

Passport index is the rank/strength of your passport which would allow/deny visa free entry to the holder.
Visa On Arrival

Next best thing after Visa Free movement is Visa On Arrival.

You will have to fill up an application form on your arrival to the destination country, along with some other documents like your passport copy, photographs, accommodation bookings etc. Once these formalities are completed, you would be granted a visa to enter the country. The only risk is the denial of visa here due to incomplete documents, if that happens, you will have to travel back to your home country.

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Blue Bay Resort In 🇹🇷 Turkey 

Set in the perfect location, right in the middle of the resort of Marmaris and only a few minutes

from the beach, the all inclusive Blue Bay Platinum Hotel has undergone a total rebuild

(winter 2011/12) and truly offers something for everyone.

It has been finished to the highest standards and is light and airy, with a slight tropical feel to it.


Or Our Other Fantastic Resort 

Starlight Resort In 🇹🇷 Turkey

Reviewed 25 July 2017
Holiday In Paradise
I went to Starlight Resort Hotel with my daughter and In-Laws. What an amazing place.

Everything they say about the Mediterranean Sea and Turkish hospitality can be found in this resort.

Where should I start from,the facilities are amazing with everything you need from a modern hotel.

Various pools, including an aqua park is there for you to enjoy. The sea is amazing, with various

rooms with sea view.

activities on the beach (parasailing, jet-ski, wind surfing and others).

All the facilities (including the pools) are clean and well maintained.

The staff is extremely professional and are doing everything they can to make your stay a pleasant experience. Animations and shows are excellent – my 8 year old daughter was not bored for even a minute.

Then there is the food.. OMG, amazing Turkish food accompanied with various restaurants from all around

the world (Italian, Japanese, etc.). There is plenty of food 24/7 – try not to gain weight if you can :-).

I have vacationed all around the world from Hawaii to the Bahamas. This place is the top summer vacation spot that I have been.

I strongly recommend Starlight Resort Hotel for your summer vacation — you will not regret it!


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