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Rebecca Burn-Callander
12 FEBRUARY 2018 • 5:00PM
Flexibility and financial rewards are just the beginning when it comes to the benefits of self-employment.

Self-employed workers have become the cornerstone of the British economy. In January this year, 4.77 million of these self-starters – 14p.8c of the working population – were active in the UK.

The age of self-employment began gathering pace in 2008, when the financial crash destroyed thousands of jobs. Suddenly, big businesses were downsizing their teams, the job for life was no more, and workers were forced to take control of their destiny. Back then, just 3.8 million people worked for themselves.

Technological advances have also encouraged many people to take the plunge: projects and finances can be managed from a smartphone using cloud software, Wi-Fi means we can work from almost anywhere, while collaborative tools such as video conferencing help connect virtual teams.

Top five careers for the self-employed.

Tutor | Make money tutoring children or adults in your specialist subject.

Freelancer | Talented writers, coders, videographers and artists can earn a living taking projects and commissions.

Consultant | Industry expertise can be turned into big bucks.

Carer | Tap into the growing need for carers for the elderly or disabled.

Delivery | Become a Deliveroo/HelloFresh/Farmdrop driver.

Find out why discipline pays off for the increasing number of people choosing to work for themselves.

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