In July, 639 Enterprise was heaving with young people looking to start a business venture, seeking career advice in higher education or securing full-time employment through the Achievement Empowerment Day organised by The – I Am 139.

The I AM 139 or I AM is named after the Psalms 139, working predominantly with the London based Presbyterian Church of Ghana- UK (PCG-UK)  ‘I Am’ is foreseeing a long-term empowerment scheme, aiming to encourage nothing but nurturing one’s inner potential and using it effectively. In addition to that, highlighting one’s greatness as a unique creation.

The focus of their first event looked at career development for the youth. The room was jam-packed with attendees eager to discover the knowledge with specialist talks from Andy Ayim author and blogger and Denis Asamoah B3 Productivity Coach and co-founder of Free Your Mind. They both gave an insight to launching a brand and encouraged while other panellists offered valuable advice, tips and information. This was followed by questions and answers with Shear & Shine founders, Laura Gadi and Aaron Wallace; finance professional and founder of Afro Caribbean Kitchen, Phyllis Asiama-Bekoe and Founder and CTO of, Richill Artoe to panellists and networking to express their concerns and big challenges.

Prominent figures, Counsellor Eddie Griffith and Pastor Ade Omooba concluded the event. The former mayor of Haringey expressed his gratitude to the event organisers for providing a wealth of opportunities for young people, whereas Pastor Omooba gave a brutally honest account of his life before becoming a successful businessman.






As a great supporter of personal empowerment, the Platform 38 team broaden opportunities by acting as career advisers and business strategists as well as forming potential partnerships organisations.


Platform 38 CEO Mark Singh said: “The team and I were extremely honoured to be part of the event that offered a range of opportunities particularly to young people. We look forward to supporting the I Am 139 in the future.”

Images Courtesy of TZ Writing

Top to Bottom/Left to right

(Network Session Youth attendees)

(Businessman and Pastor Ade Omooba)

(I AM 139)

(Andy Ayim and Denis Asamoah)

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