Goods shortages see vendors selling smuggled items after dark as the country deals with huge unemployment and a chaotic economy.
09:08, UK,
Sunday 14 October 2018.

By John Sparks, Africa correspondent

Faced with its worst economic crisis in a decade and an unemployment rate of 90%,

They come out after dark all over Zimbabwe, when the local police have gone home for the evening, because selling things on the street is the only way to make a living.

Their wares are perched on scraggly bits of cardboard or displayed in the boots of battered-looking cars.

Vegetables sourced from local gardens sit alongside sugar smuggled in from Mozambique and washing powder secreted from South Africa.

What have we become as people.

The rich rob the poor to get where they want to acquire more wealth.

Poor leadership here no integrity.

Zimbabwe is struggling to pay its bills and its domestic currencies have fallen in value.



Platform38 logoZimbabwe is fast becoming a nation of street vendors.